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5 things to do to help your wedding day runs smoothly

It’s your special day and you’ve waited a long time. There is nothing worse than something been forgotten or no contingency plan for the what if’s.  Here are 10 things you can do to ensure you wedding day runs smoothly.


Timing Plan

Create a plan of when things are happening so ALL the wedding party, parents and key people (celebrant, event contact, ushers, speakers, readers) so they know what and when things are happening.  This way they can ensure the day runs smoothly as possible without added stress on the bride and groom.

Get the groom to keep a copy in one of his pockets.  This way the bride and groom also can check on the day if needed.


Risk Management Plan

Even the best well plan events can have a few hiccups.  It’s best to assess how your day is planned out and devise a plan for any possible variations that could occur. 

Some examples;

  • If it rains and your wedding is outside, where will you hold the ceremony (the wedding venue can provide possible solutions).
  • Someone has misplaced their speeches. Get copies of all speeches prior to the day and email them to the venue so they have a copy as back up and can print them and leave them someone safe for collection if needed.
  • Back up shoes for the bride or bridesmaids for the reception is their wearing a style of shoe they wouldn’t normally wear. A little bit of comfort wouldn’t go astray!


Allocate ‘back ups’ people for key roles

One of the common debacles that can happens at wedding is trying to get all the family and friends photos done by the photographer. People go missing, or rounding people up provides challenging.

Allocate this to a couple of people to help round key people up.  Put a list of all the people wanted for each photo combination, so they know who they need to grab or call. 

Having a couple of people manage this, ensure that if one goes missing or is really hopping into drinks, then your back is ready to get things moving. 

Don’t allocate this task to a bridal party member as they need to be focusing on the bride and groom.  


Communicate to ALL key people

Make sure you check-in with everyone involved in the day at least a week prior to ensure they are okay with their roles and any thing needing to be address can be done in plenty of time without adding any stress.


Go with the flow

Sometime the something can sneak in that goes wrong that you hadn’t accounted for.  Don’t get stressed about it, just ask someone (parents, venue hostess or a close friends) if they wouldn’t mind assisting the matter for you.


By taking the above steps you can enjoy your day and have the confidence knowing everything has been taken care of.

Have a perfect wedding day!

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