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6 children’s low budget party games

Add some extra fun and activities to your child’s party, and it doesn’t have be expensive.  Some alternative twist to some oldies but goodies.


Dart Balloons

Place a small prize toy inside 20 balloons and blow the balloons up. Pin them together on a board and have the children use a dart to pop one. When it pops the child gets a prize.

Pass the Parcel with extra prizes 

You have 3 options.
Option 1 // Wrap small token gifts in each layer so each child gets a prize.
Option 2 // Stick a number on each paper round, and the child has to go to the spots in the party room where the number appears to find their prize.
Option 3 // Mark each paper round with a type of animal that the children have to sound out as the parcel goes around. OR Make the child who the parcel lands on act out the animal.

Break the seal

Get plastic disposable cups (one for each of the children attending), place a prize inside. Cover the tops with paper and stick down the sides.  Place numbers on top. Stick the bottom of the cups to a board and stand the board upright. Have a lucky dip bowl with the matching numbers.  Each child through the party can draw a number and then open the matching cup for a lucky dip prize.

Musical Statues

Play the music, and when it stops an adult has to call out a particularly object to stand still as. Last person to get into the object stand is out.

Fossil Digging

If you have a sandpit, place dinosaurs or something the kids will love and have them dig for their fossil or goodies.

The Scavenger Hunt

Create a map with places the kids need to go to. Give each child a map and a picture version list of everything they need to collect, plus a treasure (paper) bag to place their items in. Have little objects the kids need to collect into their paper bag, e.g.: buttons, leafs, stones, flower.  The first 3 children to return their bag with all times win.


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