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What to include in your Save the Date

Congratulations you’re getting married. You’ve decided on a special overseas location or you have many overseas guests invited to the special day. You don’t want them to miss out on coming, so you send them a Save the Date

What is a ‘Save the Date’? It is your pre-invitation to your wedding. You are letting guests know well in advance of the date, so they can save money or make travel arrangements, or ensure they can get time off from work or their business so they can be there. 

Key things to include

Make sure you have the following items included in your save the date.

  • Your actual wedding date and time
  • Location
  • Suggested accommodation and travel details 

When to send them

The rule of thumb is to send them out at least six (6) to eight (8) months prior to the wedding date. Your formal invitations goes out six weeks prior to your wedding. This gives guests time to book their travel, save travel money and organise their annual leave from work. However, don’t send your Sae the Dates too early as they may get tossed aside, and not too late as you may as well send the invitation itself. 

Mistakes to avoid

Would you believe a common mistake made is forgetting the actual wedding date…oops!

Other items to be mindful off are:

  • Make sure you personalise them, so the correct people know who’s invited.
  • Be kind and allow plus ones (and tell them on the ‘Save the Date’) as people will make the assumption can they can bring someone
  • Create an information pack on the location to help and give wedding guests as much details as possible 
  • Don’t send the Save the Dates out too late. 
  • If you’re getting married overseas consider having a gift registry, where gifts can be delivered to you at home (when you return) instead of guests travel with them, for you to take them back. An alternative options is a Wishing Well for money toward another holiday or something special. However, not all guests like to give money, so perhaps a little registry to accommodate those guests.


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