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To the stressed out bride

Dear Mrs-to-be

I am writing to you with some words of wisdom to help you not feel overwhelmed in your journey to your special day.

A wedding is not just about the day itself, it’s the memorable steps in planning along the way.

Yes, everyone does have advise or think they’re an expert.

But remember this, it is YOUR special day. Yours and your husband to be.

Create a day that is reflective on your journey, who you are and what you hope for your journey together as husband and wife.

Some my little tips for preparations, that I hope will shed light on your day.

  1. You can listen to people’s suggestions, and thank them for their input. However, it doesn’t mean you have to action them.
  2. Reminder your bridal party who their focus should be on – you and the groom. Their role on the day is to ensure your needs are taken care off.
  3. Back up plans. Ensure there are back up plans for the unexpected possibilities. It will give you the reassurance, it will all be taken care off.
  4. Photos of your special day. Give a list to two people attending the day that are reliable and actionable, to help bring the people together for the relevant photos. Don’t rely on your bridal party, remember they are taking care of you. Don’t rely on family, because they’ll get caught up in the emotions of the day and will also be in the photos.
  5. A token gift goes a long way. If you are using external resources/people to help your day run smoothly. For a little extra expense, buy a small token gift to say thanks. AND, consider giving the gifts BEFORE the day, as it will help encourage them to go the extra mile just for you.
  6. Give your venue an outline of what is happening and when. Include contact details of key people, so they can contact them directly and save hassling you.
  7. Enjoy your day. Factor in my mind that something might or may go wrong, and be relaxed about it. It most likely won’t but being prepared mentality will help avoid tears.
  8. Don’t get carried away with drinking before your speeches….no one loves a drunk speech. No one.
  9. Create a buffer, if you have someone who is likely to upset you on the day. Ask some trustworthy friends or family to act as a buffer and be ready to keep all calm.
  10. If it all feels too much, investing in a wedding planner or event coordinator, to manage it all is a perfect solution.


Enjoy your special day, keep focus on the key essences of the day. Marrying the love of your life, nothing else matters and should take away from that.

With love


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