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What to include on your invitations

There is nothing worse than that moment when you’ve sent out your invitation and you’ve realised you have forgotten a vital piece of information.  Here is a guide on what you need to include.


What or who the party is for  

You should include who the party is being held for, e.g.: Max is turning 4, Jane’s 1st Birthday, Jacob’s 50th Birthday Bash.

If you’re party isn’t for anyone in particular, but a housewarming, football grand final BBQ, then include this information.

This will enable your guests to have ideas on what to wear or bring, which the case may be.

Date & Time

Tell your guests when the party is being held, the date and the time.   For example: Saturday 18 June at 3.00pm.

If you are wanting to control how long your guests stay, you can write the time period the party is going to run for.  For example: Saturday 18 June from 3.00pm to 5.00pm.  This is great for parent if your party is for a child, as they can work pick up times, meals (lunch or dinner) and also organise arranges for other children if needed.



Be sure to let your guests know where you are holding the party.   If it’s at your home, you could simply add the address.  Hosting the party at a venue, be sure to name the venue and add the address.  Want to go the extra mile, give them a map and advise of what parking is available.


Dietary Requirements

Today we see more children and adults suffering allergies to certain foods.  You can choose to ignore this factor, but image if it was you….would you want to be forgotten?   You can simply ask of dietary requirements, and if you’re not sure how to cater to your guests dietary requirements, simply ask them.  Those with dietary requirements are most likely to say they’ll bring something themselves, or will advise you what they can and can’t eat.   There are plenty of resources to help you, and also catering companies that could provide you with meals options.

If you are hosting the party at a venue, you’ll find most venues (not all venues) do factor in dietary requirements and will be able to cater to those with needs.


Dress Code

If you event requires a particular dress code, be sure to tell your guests on the invitation.



Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to organise your event, and look at having your RSVPs come back at least a week prior to the event.  If you are holding it at a venue, they will advise you when they need to have your final numbers.

Include in your RSVP a contact name, telephone number and email address.





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